ASCE Sacramento Section Awards

The 2022 ASCE Sacramento Section Project Awards nomination period is now open through Friday, June 30, 2023. To make a nomination, click on the link titled "Project Awards Nomination Form" to the right of this screen. The Sacramento Section Project Awards Banquet will be held on either in-person at Hilton Arden West on Saturday, November 4, 2023 at 6pm. Registration to open soon.

The Sacramento Section Outstanding Project Awards are presented by the Sacramento Section of ASCE to projects that demonstrate the greatest engineering skills and represents the greatest contribution to civil engineering progress and to society.  In addition to the Outstanding Project of the Year award, subcategory awards will be given to projects of significance for their particular category of civil engineering. The sub-categories are listed below.  The Awards honor the outstanding work of the many engineers who have contributed to the project. These Awards are selected from nominations made by the Branches, Younger Member Forum, Life Member Forum, Technical Groups, Committees, and individual members.  All nominations should be coordinated with and processed through the local Branch in which the person is a member or where the project is located. The Section Award Categories have now been aligned with the Region 9 Award Categories. All Award recipients, both Projects and Individuals, will be the official nominees for a Region 9 Award, and will be automatically forwarded to the Region 9 Awards Committee for consideration of a Region 9 Award to be presented in the following calendar year.

The award categories are as follows:

Project Award Categories

Outstanding Airports and Ports Project
Outstanding Architectural Engineering Project
Outstanding Bikeways and Trails Project
Outstanding Bridge Project
Outstanding Community Improvement Project
Outstanding Construction Project
Outstanding Energy Project
Outstanding Environmental Engineering Project
Outstanding Flood Management Project
Outstanding Geotechnical Project
Outstanding Historical Renovation Project
Outstanding Parks and Recreation Project
Outstanding Roadway and Highway Project
Outstanding Seismic Retrofit Project
Outstanding Small Project
Outstanding Structural Engineering Project
Outstanding Sustainable Engineering Project
Outstanding Transportation Project
Outstanding Urban or Land Development Project
Outstanding Water Project
Outstanding Water/Wastewater Treatment Project

Individual Award Categories

Excellence in Journalism
Lifetime Achievement Award
Outstanding ASCE Branch Officer
Outstanding ASCE Faculty Advisor
Outstanding ASCE Life Member
Outstanding ASCE Practitioner Advisor
Outstanding ASCE Section Officer
Outstanding Civil Engineer in Community Service
Outstanding Civil Engineer in Legislative Activities
Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Private Sector
Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Public Sector
Outstanding Civil Engineering Student
Outstanding YMF Officer
Outstanding Younger Civil Engineer
State Legislator of the Year

Additional Sacramento Section Individual Award Categories

Arthur Elliot Bridge
Charles Pope Construction
David Kennedy Water Resources Engineer
Francis Hveem Geotechnical Engineer
Fredrick Panhost Structural Engineer
Jonathon Burdette Brown Education
Steward Mitchell History & Heritage
Theodore D. Judah Transportation Engineer
Thomas E. Stanton Best Civil Engineering Event
William Hall Flood Control