San Francisco Section Individual Award Nomination Form

ASCE San Francisco Section Individual Awards recognize individuals for outstanding achievements or leadership in civil engineering, or who through their work, support and advance the profession.  Nominations can be made by any Branches, Younger Member Forum, Life Member Forum, Technical Groups, Committees, or individual members.  Additional specific criteria governing each Individual Award must also be satisfied.
Please have all the required information ready before beginning the nomination process.

You may use the Microsoft Word document, available through the link below, to assist you in compiling and organizing your individual nomination. When you have all of the individual nomination information ready, simply copy/paste it into the corresponding fields below:

Microsoft Word Individual Nomination Template (Click Here to Download)
Submit one nomination for each nominated individual.  Please check all of the boxes below that apply to the nominated person and complete all required information as indicated by the *. There is no limit to the number of nominations that can be submitted.
You should see a "thank you" message upon completion of your submittal.  If you do not receive that message, please contact

Click award name for additional award criteria.

Individual Award Categories

Excellence in Journalism
Lifetime Achievement Award
Outstanding ASCE Branch Officer
Outstanding ASCE Faculty Advisor
Outstanding ASCE Life Member
Outstanding ASCE Practitioner Advisor
Outstanding ASCE Section Officer
Outstanding Civil Engineer in Community Service
Outstanding Civil Engineer in Legislative Activities
Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Private Sector
Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Public Sector
Outstanding Civil Engineering Student
Outstanding YMF Officer
Outstanding Younger Civil Engineer
State Legislator of the Year

Additional San Francisco Section Individual Award Categories

Outstanding Civil Engineering Student Chapter Officer

Candidate Information

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Nominator (Sponsor) Information (Must be an ASCE Member)